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Not Sure about How to File your Taxes

As the tax season is approaching, you may be thinking about what you will need to prepare and file your taxes.

Well, every student in US has to file taxes whether or not they are earning in the US. It could be any international student, any domestic student or any individual who has been in the US for more than 1 year is required to file the taxes. Many students who don’t owe taxes neglect to file returns and lose out thousands of dollars.

If you are earning by doing a part-time job in the US, there is the tax deduction you have to pay to govt. as a part of income. You can get back the money for the tax refund while you file the tax at the end of the financial year. This is the key benefit of filing tax in the US.

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Challenges faced by Students while filing taxes

Deal with tons of documents with confusing names

Identifying the forms

Not aware of the deadlines

Relying on automated apps that does not give complete benefits

Compliance issues related to the visa status in US

What we bring to your table

accounting services
Guarantees Maximum Refund
tax services
Maintains your records for 5 years
Valuation & Advisory
Hassle-free documentation

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